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There is no discrimination. We love all art, either it is 2D, 3D, Audio or Animation-based.

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  • Be part of special events, such as Christmas, Halloween, Inktober and many more!
    (announced through newsletter and Discord)
  • We treat all art like it's ours. That's why we'll put all our efforts and promote your work through all our channels.
  • Direct links, QR codes, User Notifications
  • Once in ArtLink, art is easy to put in any environment, record, and share through all social medias. Some of our users love to do that.

Have a bigger idea?

If you want something more special, discuss with a technical specialist, brainstorm or just to have a coffee with us, let's schedule a call. We love talking about art&tech.

Here's just a few areas we are interested in exploring ourselves:

  • Interactive 3D experiences
  • Geo-Localized experiences
  • NFTs
  • New Artistic enviornments (Quill VR, Tiltbrush, GANs, Mandelbulb, you name it)
  • WebVR experiences
  • Sending a meaningful message through art



Having a Ph.D. in Visual Arts, and a Degree in Pedagogy, he is the founder of Art Factory, a contemporary art festival aiming to revive abandoned spaces. He is currently teaching art and building his design studio, as well as developing ArtLink, which represents a culmination of his interests in art and technology. His core value is: ”Solely do the things you believe in.”


Dragoș is doing AR/VR apps as a freelancer and through his own brand, ColorfulCoding. His main areas of interest are Social VR, expressing art through Mixed Realities and spreading the word about new emerging technologies. He does the latter by being a laboratory teacher at UAIC Computer Science Faculty in Iasi, and also online whenever possible.



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